Series 1                 
       The Cat and the Rat                        Short a sound                                
       The Alien                          Long a sound                                
       The Red Den                         Short e sound                                
       The Evil Queen                         Long e sound                                
       Ruby and Max Get Fit                         Short i sound                                
       Wild Life Hide and Seek                          Long i sound                                
       Dogs and Spots                         Short o sound                                
       Jo the Robot                         Long o sound                                
       The Bug Hunt                         Short u sound                                
       Music                         Long u sound                                
  Series 2                 
       Lunch with the Chums                         ch sound                                
       Shark!                        sh sound                                
       The Bath                         voiced and unvoiced th sounds                                 
       Dress Up                         magic e                                
       Having a Bad Day                        ing, ong, ung, eng and ang sounds                                 






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